CEO’s Message

Narae Stockfish Food

  • CEO’s message

    Sokcho is one of the beautiful cities in Gangwon-do east coast, proud for the abundant fishing ground, where the cold current and hot current meet. Enjoying the richness of the sea with pollacks, squids, herrings and etc. that have been familiar with us, it’s the place following the unique tradition as home of generosity. Especially during the Korean war, many a northern people moved down to Sokcho area for their lives and Sokcho and Goseong became one of the famous place for ‘Pollacks’ in Korea as the pollack drying racks were sprung up everywhere in valleys and coasts of Goseong & Sokcho together with squid drying racks.

    For us, who grew up watching a lot of pollack drying racks that our grandfather, who was a displaced person, had been cultivating , the pollack is not just a simple fish but it feels like a precious part of life in our old hometown. Pollack, a taste of hometown that has never left the table of almost all Koreans. We’re just happy to bring the pollack back into people's daily lives.

    The 'Happy Pollack Family' products are made together with our customers. Without the trust and support of our valued customers, the current 'Happy Pollack Family' cannot be created. We will share with you more and better products in the future for your support. We will step forward while practicing sharing with the society with good foods that are trusted by customers and customers who share health and joy through those foods.

    Thank you. 행복한명태가(家) 이미숙,김봉남