Our Strengths

Narae Stockfish Food

Our customers and partners know that our products are produced safely and cleanly. It is not simply because those products are produced at HACCP certified facilities, but our company philosophy, “We, ‘Happy Pollack Family’, pursue to become an essential part of society by improving everyone’s daily life with safe and healthy foods.” is melted into all the products.

  • Procurement and Transparency

  • Providing peace of mind in safe and secure products is our top priority. So, we innovate with new products, backed by science and market trends. We emphasize to increase the transparency of the products manufactured by ‘Happy Pollack Family’.

  • Put it all together

  • Processing After procuring the best pollacks we put our heads together to make the best products, using scientific knowledge to meet the increasingly diverse needs for processed food products.

  • Keep safe

  • Logistics We store everything safely

  • Straight to you

  • Wherever there is good quality, safe food, there’s ‘Happy Pollack Family’.
    Whenever there is good quality, safe food needed, there’s ‘Happy Pollack Family’.