Developing Products


NARAE develops healthy foods at clean and safe HACCP certified facilities.

Specialized company for
pollack processing foods

Since establishment in 2003, we’ve been developing various processed seafoods and reborn in 2017 setting up our own factory as a specialized pollack processing food company. Developing manufacturing methods of ‘boneless pollack gangjeong’ (fried and seasoned pollack bites) and ‘fried and seasoned pollack skin & laver’, we duly registered patents, respectively. Reviving traditional taste, we launched ‘pollack sikhae’, ‘seasoned pollack salad’ and ‘pollack roe jeotgal (mentaiko)’ one by one and have been developing HMR (Home Meal Replacement), Meal Kit and etc. Not confining to pollack only, but combining with other food sources, we’ve been endeavoring to develop the products we can bring our customers delights, which contributes to their health.